I just found out that the "hundreds of people in Sweden called in sick to work by saying they're gay in 1979 to protest against homosexuality being considered an illness" is mostly bullshit, the real protest was like 30-40 people occupying a government building to demand the change, and a handful happened to do the thing the story claims "hundreds" did just to get away from work for the day to protest.

The way the thing is told online just reeks of neoliberal bullshit leaving out the most important part, which is that they occupied a government building for it. Occupying institutions is effective. It has the power to actually change things.


@hazelnot This actually happened a year or two ago again, but this time for trans people. Well, minus the calling in sick for work thing.

They occupied the government building that decides if trans people are allowed to change their legal gender, or have surgery.

Unfortunately it didn't do much, and they continued to make terrible decisions on behalf of trans people.

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@lesbian_subnet @hazelnot I still remember and regularly think about the text on one of the signs they had when they were walking to Socialstyrelsen: Inga politiker mellan våra ben ("No politicians between our legs")

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