Uhhh, the Japanese movie "Your Name" is now streamable for free through SVT (the Swedish national public TV broadcaster). I think it's geoblocked to Sweden though.

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Watching anime with Swedish subtitles is really weird.

@katnjiapus Aww. I'll yt-dl when I get home. Gotta share these cringe subtitles with you. x3

@katnjiapus @owl That would've been hilarious. x3 Don't know if I've ever watched a Swedish dubbed anime though. Hah, gotta check now if the Nordic release had a dub...

Omg! It did!

"Snälla gör mig till en snygg Tokyo-kille i mitt nästa liv!" Omg yes.

@katnjiapus @owl If we ever have a Nordic fedi hangout some time, can we please please watch this movie in Swedish (or Norwegian if it exists)? I think we all would die inside. xD

@lesbian_subnet @katnjiapus @owl You didn't watch dubbed sailor moon in the mornings as a kid? ALSO IM SCREAMING BECAUSE THE DUDE IS VOICED BY GODDAMN YOHIO

@basicbishoujo @katnjiapus @owl I never did! And I still haven't watched Sailor Moon. I'm missing out. >w<

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