Diversity brings instability and culture wars, and there are other issues with globalisation.

There are books and people that'll explain better than me, I think Socrates and Plato thought of that.

...Unless you meant personal borders, then uhh 911?

@iska Get the hell out of my timeline. No one I have ever known would touch you even with a 10 foot pole.

@lesbian_subnet @iska Don't worry. I don't think they are talking about some kind of fascist genocide of everyone different. Probably more like seccesionism?
@iska @lesbian_subnet Very true. But I reckon that's solvable with a constitution that forbids parties above a certain degree of authoritarianism.

@Hyolobrika @lesbian_subnet

That would be very arbitrary. And look at what America is doing with its amendments...

Socrates thought that for working democracy the people, especially voters have to be very educated.
This means no public schools.
When the voters become a council, we might as well have aristocracy.

@iska @lesbian_subnet If no democracy is good and democracy is bad, shouldn't a fraction of democracy be a fraction of bad?
I don't understand the mindset that if something is bad, then a little bit of it must be worse. There must be a name for that fallacy.
I heard the American constitution was meant to limit democracy to avoid tyranny, so there seems to be precedent.

@Hyolobrika @lesbian_subnet

I don't understand the mindset that if something is bad, then a little bit of it must be worse.

I haven't said that

I heard the American constitution was meant to limit democracy to avoid tyranny, so there seems to be precedent.

19th amendment gives women right to vote.
The Bill of Rights doesn't limit democracy but protects Americans generally. Most amendments after that don't matter or worse.

@iska @lesbian_subnet I meant limit the power of the democratic system to do certain things, such as limit speech.
>I haven't said that
Did you not? What did you mean when you said it would be arbitrary then?

@Hyolobrika @lesbian_subnet

First, what is the limit? Are parties just below it fine?

Second. that we need someone to enforce these rules onto the government.
The Russian Constitution declares freedom of speech, yet people fear saying the word "Facebook", not to mention criticizing the state.

@iska @lesbian_subnet I don't know what the limit should be. It was just a suggestion.

The second thing you described is a problem with all manner of constitutions.

I don't have all the answers. On my old account, I had a pinned post saying not to take any of my posts as saying that something is definitely true.
Again, majoritarianism is susceptible to corruption due to its centralization. Unlike democratic confederations, the majoritarian liberal democracy's power extends on the large territory so if the fascists take power you're essentially trapped, not to mention that its top-down nature implies that it's enough for the capitalist class to just corrupt those at the top so the entire system crumbles. Fascists were backed by the capitalist class after all.

If the nations become defiant
Start to become self-reliant
When they'll do we'll back right-wing tyrants


@Hyolobrika @lesbian_subnet

@iska @lesbian_subnet it often really isn’t. Though borders don’t influence it.

Borders usually divide similar people, more so than joining diverse people. Like my tribe and many others being divided across 4 or 5 countries with imaginary straight lines in the desert

@iska @lesbian_subnet I personally of thw opinion that diversity is strength, but requires a culture that accepts diversity and differences. Many cultures, mine certainly, aren’t there yet.

@WahbAllat @lesbian_subnet

Fragmentation is bad for everyone, that is true, but we shouldn't force diversity either. Look at how the USSR went, including russification.
Culture should grow naturally.

When people have little in common conflicts arrive, and to manage diversity society becomes based on control and ideology.

Note I am also against equality, communism and democracy.

@iska @lesbian_subnet I thought the USSR did a good job respecting the different ethnicities within it. The Russian Federation today is made of 22 republics given ethnic minorities some autonomy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic

@iska @lesbian_subnet I advocate for open borders at least among people whom borders been drawn by colonialism. Open borders in the EU don’t contradict the sovereignty or culture of each nation. I want that at least for Arab countries.

@iska @lesbian_subnet and just to expand further, people don't need to be different to go to war. A well known war in Arab history went on for 40 years and was between cousin tribes fighting over a camel. Same origin (cousins), same religion, same language, ... Humanity's capability to start wars and conflict over trivial matters should not be discounted. Diversity is no more of a reason than a camel.

@WahbAllat @lesbian_subnet

I never said diversity is exclusively the reason. Russian empire made a war to distract people from revolting, especially if they win. They then lost.

@WahbAllat @lesbian_subnet

West Europeans are very similar, this is why early USA worked. But Balkans, Poles and Slavs are much more distinct.

@WahbAllat @lesbian_subnet

At first seems like it did. But then they assimilated everyone, probably because diversity didn't work.

>conflicts arrive
Conflicts are a natural part of life. Even Nazis admit it, and they like racial segregation. The point is to resolve conflicts, not to avoid them. Avoidance of conflict is what leads people to avoidance of people altogether. If you want no conflicts you must reject society altogether, the idea that specific groups "get along" is a lie propagaded by nationalists. There is the herd that forces itself to "get along" with each other and there are Anarchs which are free to get along or to cut each others' throats and associate with whomever they please instead of this alien, forced abstraction of an ethnicity.

@WahbAllat @lesbian_subnet
Yeah, and I took the concept of the Anarch from Ernst Junger. Very cool guy, he gets it.

@WahbAllat @lesbian_subnet

@lesbian_subnet fair. i agree especially in terms of free travel and stuff.

counterpoint: the USA is one big country and honestly we probably shouldn't be cause some sections are the country are culturally *incredibly* different and that makes governing difficult if not impossible in some ways.

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