Food, meme 

Hard or soft G? I say soft, and will fight you over it.

Lesbians only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting.

7 transfems 1 cpu

Also, please tell me someone knows the artist of that sticker. I so badly want to buy more of them. >.<

Bottom mounted, because I like when they're on the bottom, and I'm on top. :moon_new:

Tech bros keep going on and on about the cloud... But I don't quite get it?

Perhaps that's just me.

They needed more salt before I could consume them. More SO-DIMM-um.

[announcer voice] 📢 Is your enby running slow? Want to give them an extra boost? Try this one neat trick!

So I think I found Blåhaj's sibling at the grocery store yesterday.

No one flip out, ok? I'm just cooling down my tea. Is that ok? Ok. 🍵

And don't worry, I applied thermal paste for maximum heat transfer. Mmm. Creamy. ⬇️

Oh no! I turned @katnjiapus into a backpack! 😱 / Thank you @domino for that amazing quote. :3 ❤️

Furniture paws, but instead of the sticky kind they're actually cute. >^w^<

Person A: "Vad ska du göra i helgen?" ➡️ "What'll you be up to this weekend?"
Person B: "Det... [bifogad bild]" ➡️ "That... [attached photo]"

Context: "Vete katten" roughly translates to "(only) the cat knows", and is an expression from the olden times where cats were a symbol of pure evil and the devil. 🐈‍⬛ 😈

The photo is of a shop sign of a popular café in Stockholm. And the name is said to have come about when the founder was asked what she wanted to call her new café. "Don't know" she said, in Swedish. ☕

Throwback to a couple years ago when I worked at an office with a view, before the building was demolished. 💜

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