Aww, found a cute little microchip outside the local university here. :3

Your week hasn't been the best, has it? (spotted in central Stockholm today) x3

xkcd's "Types of Scientific Paper" meme, but with trans papers.

Meme'd by Brynn Tannehill on Twitter:

Original meme/comic:

Got a cool piece for a necklace today (the 5 signs from The Witcher 3) and am very happy. :) Can recommend this guy's shop:

And the item listing (if it ever becomes available again):


First progesterone package, and wow... I didn't expect progesterone capsules to be so huge. :O

But up my butt they go anyways! Whee! :D

1 millisecond Gay-to-Gay response time is honestly pretty good for a monitor.

In contrast, here is the Swedish legal name change process:

1. Log into the tax agency in charge of the population registry
2. Click "Apply for name change"
3. Write your new name in the field labeled "What would you like to be called?"
4. Click "Next" and pay a small fee (250 SEK, ~25 EUR) with your phone
5. Click "Next" and sign your name change request with your phone
6. Your name is changed instantly in many cases. In other cases it can take a few days to a month.

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Look! Black kitty taking her electric flying scooter to the moon! <3

If this isn't the future of witch technology, I don't know what is. >w<

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