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“multithreading?” uh, pretty sure it’s called “embroidery” but ok

Being privileged and disadvantaged at the same time 

It's really not that hard to understand that you can be disadvantaged and privileged at the same time.

I am disadvantaged by a disabling chronic illness that's taken much of my life away from me. But privileged by my partner and I being in a comfortable financial position, something many disabled people don't have.

I'm disadvantaged by being a woman, but privileged by being a white cis woman. I still experience oppression (sexism, patriarchy), but the oppression isn't as bad as that which a black trans woman will experience (sexism, patriarchy, transphobia and racism).

You don't lose anything by understanding your privilege. With some reflection and honesty, you can gain a better understanding of the intersections of different privileges and disadvantages, and how you can work harder, and be a better ally with others.

Facebook is being all "if regulators don't ease off we'll leave Europe and take our stuff with us."

... this is supposed to be a threat but it's making me happy and excited. :ameowbongo:

*looks at lesbian couple* so which one of you forges swords and which one wields them in battle?

A lot of laws are written using he and she. This means you lot with neo pronouns and they them are above the law. Go out and be gay, do crimes!

here's something really fucking cool about online communities:

I put (any pronouns) in my Discord display name after seeing someone with (she/her) in there

a week later at least 4 other people had added their pronouns to their display name

a lot of the time if someone isn't doing something, it's because they didn't know they can

Just imagine! A "friends" circle, a "friends who I trust to not embarrass me when I post about (issue)" circle, a "friends who are actually interested in some interest of mine" circle...

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I still think the "circles" system that Google+ had for controlling who could see stuff was extremely good and should've been adopted by more networks, TBH.

supporting creators and piracy are not mutually exclusive, don't fall for easily discredited MPAA rhetoric :ms_pirate_flag: #pirate

Sure Sex is good, but have you ever fucked the system?

Today, one year ago, on Friday the 13th, I started HRT. Time flies, and I'm in a much better place than I was back then. <3

Looking forward to this next year. >w<

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