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@owl Disposable instance. Don't forget to recycle it. x3

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my favorite aesthetic is that thing video game piracy installers have going on

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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

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Thoughts on combating internalized transmisogyny 

Please don't ask a transfemme things like "when are going to [do x thing]?" remember that everyone trans person's transition experience is different. When you ask something like this, you inadvertently put a trans person on the spot, they feel like you and others are expecting something for them, like they will not be considered valid until they have done that.

Instead, consider letting them come to you to say "I am excited to [do x thing]". Use sentences closer to "what are some things you are considering as a part of your transition?" or "some girls do [x thing], is that something you are interested in?"

This definitely goes for traditionally masc things as well when addressing transmasc individuals, but considering I am transfemme, I felt more comfortable addressing this in the perspective of a transfemme. Also, keep in mind I do no represent all trans people. Some people may be fine with this, but it's something to keep in mind.

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if you have lots of pronouns you're a full stack trans person

"Swedish" food 


Who needs tortillas when you've got tunnbröd. 😎

1 millisecond Gay-to-Gay response time is honestly pretty good for a monitor.

Be gay, buy hormones with cryptocurrency.

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what white cis dudes say: Oh, I dislike the concept of safe spaces.

what white cis dudes mean: I care SO little about marginalized groups, they can't have a room for themselves because I'm used to having the whole world as a safe space and I can't handle a tiny bit that wasn't even mine to begin with to be taken away from me.

In contrast, here is the Swedish legal name change process:

1. Log into the tax agency in charge of the population registry
2. Click "Apply for name change"
3. Write your new name in the field labeled "What would you like to be called?"
4. Click "Next" and pay a small fee (250 SEK, ~25 EUR) with your phone
5. Click "Next" and sign your name change request with your phone
6. Your name is changed instantly in many cases. In other cases it can take a few days to a month.

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Why do anarchists love functional programming? 

'Cause there's no State!

It's impossible to change it through the web UI, so instead they link you to a page detailing the process.

Let me take you through it:

1. Click the link named "Name change form"
2. It instead downloads a PDF form
3. Find a friend or relative who owns a printer
4. Schedule a time to go there and have the form printed
5. Fill the form with the following information: Deadname, name, address, phone number, and customer number
6. Sign the form with a pen
7. Find a friend or relative who owns a scanner
8. Schedule a time to go there and have it scanned
9. Acquire a name change certificate from the tax authority in charge of the population registry (unless you saved it from before)
10. Skip to step 12 if you got your name change certificate digitally
11. Have the name change certificate scanned
12. Email "[email protected]" (GDPR address) and attach the name change form and the name change certificate
13. Promptly wait for the company to answer (companies are allowed to delay GDPR requests up to 3 months, and they can then request additional time to actually handle the request)

@namtari >.>

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Why must changing my name on this nordic PC parts store be so gosh darn difficult? (Komplett)

It's literally more difficult to change my name on this COMPUTER STORE than changing my legal name in the first place.

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