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On the one hand: fingers
But, on the other hand: more fingers

I wish my apartment had a switch that turned off gravity

if i were a programmer id simply not race any conditions 🙃

I often forget that people forget that I exist because I’m not on Facebook

We should tell our friends things like "I love you and you make me glad to be alive" more often

You never know how much time you'll have

how is shoplifting bad? i thought we were supposed to vote with our wallets

It's ok if your understanding of yourself as a nonbinary person changes with time.

Binary women and men often have their personal sense of womanhood and manhood evolve as they grow and age.

Nonbinary people and their sense of self change over the years, too.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

i'm queer as fuck. if that makes you uncomfortable then i'm just going to be queerer and fuckier to spite you.

they don't know how many spoons it takes to do something like that in ten fucking minutes

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i think it should be illegal to call someone and say "hey i need you to come outside in 10 minutes"

saw a woman in the grocery store today wearing a shirt with
printed on it and i really felt that

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